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Admission Process

Elementary School

Admission Process

1. To Apply

New students wishing to be admitted for school year 2018 should complete the Admissions Process between February 1, 2018 and April 30, 2018. This process includes scheduling a meeting with the Admissions Coordinator, completing the Application Packet, testing for admission, as well as submitting all required documentation and records. Those students who complete this process by April 30, 2005 will receive the highest degree of consideration. They will join our Initial Candidate Pool.

2. To Be Considered for the Initial Candidate Pool

On april 1, 2018 the Admissions Committee will review candidates from the Initial Candidate Pool for various grade levels in which there are vacancies. The Admissions Committee will review each student’s school and health records, admissions tests, and interview. The Admissions Committee will score the student’s profile, and he/she will be given an Applicant Profile rating. The student with the highest Applicant Profile rating will be offered a seat first in those grade levels in which a seat is available.
The Applicant Profile rating is determined considering the following:
L.S.S Admissions Test results
Candidate interview
Previous grades from other schools attended
Attendance and Health records from previous schools attended, and
Behavioral records from previous schools attended.

3. To Be Enrolled

Once invited by the Superintendent to have their child join L.S.S , parents will have one week to submit the 20% deposit and complete the admissions process. If they fail to do so, the admissions offer will be withdrawn and the seat offered to the child with the next highest Applicant Profile for that grade level.

The Admissions standards, including the scores required for admittance to L.S.S  on our Admissions Test, have also been increased again for 2005-06. This will ensure that only the most capable and talented students are learning beside your child. Together this combined intellectual level will push all students to even greater heights and prepare students for the greatest Colleges/universities in the world.

4. To Be Considered After April 1, 2018

Following the April 1, 2018 admissions decisions, should there continue to be any seats available at any grade level, students may be tested. If the child meets the admissions criteria he or she will be accepted. Students will be invited to join L.S.S  in the order of the date on which they were tested (earliest testing date equals first invited to join). Parents will have one week to submit the 20% deposit and complete the enrollment process. If they fail to do so within one week, the admissions offer will be withdrawn and the seat offered to a qualified student with the next earliest admissions testing date.

5. To Be Placed on the L.S.S Candidate Waiting List

Once all seats are filled at each grade level, the Admissions Coordinator will keep a waiting list for those students who test at or above our admissions standards. Should a vacancy occur, parents on this list would be contacted and invited to have their child join L.S.S

Registration & Admission

The admission procedure begins with Registration, which means entering a child’s name on the school register for purposes of admission. Registration in itself does not guarantee admission. Dates for registration are announced individually by each school. Registration Fee is charged to cover clerical and administrative costs. On payment of this fee the School Office will issue a receipt and a Registration Form for completion by the parent or guardian along with BSS Prospectus.

Registration will only be made if it is thought probable that a vacancy will exist in the appropriate class at the expected time of admission. The school reserves the right to accept or refuse registration without assigning any reason.


Play Group students must be toilet-trained and must be three years old by April
Entry to prep-junior is limited to children who are  3-1/2 years old by April 1.
Entry to Prep-Senior is limited to children who are  4-1/2 years old by April 1.
Entry to first grade is limited to children who are  5-1/2 years old by September 1.

Middle and High School Age Limits

Entry to middle school is limited to students who will reasonably be expected to complete 8th grade prior to turning 16. Entry to high school is limited to students who will reasonably be expected to complete 12th grade prior to turning 20.The candidates are put through  a test / interview and those qualifying are given admission in nursery class on merit. Admission is made purely on merit basis. The Principal reserves the right to refuse the admission to any candidate without my giving any reason Admission is subject to the availability of seats. Application for admission can be obtained from the office by hand. Age important factor when a child is considered for admission at Lexicon school system A child pf 3-1/2 year is eligible for prep junior 4-1/2 for prep senior, 5-1/2 for class 1 and so on. A child who is younger than the required age can be considered for admission based on previous school results and the school admission test.


Class Age
Play Group (Montessori)
Prep Junior
Prep Senior

Admission Test / Interview

Admission tests and interviews are normally held in February/March/ of each year. Admissions are confirmed latest by Marc/April to successful candidates who are required to join the school in the following April . Parents of successful candidates will be asked to call at the School Office to collect the first Fee Challan Form.
The first Fee Challan Form will include charges for security deposit (refundable at the time of withdrawal only), admission fee, two months’ tuition fees and any other incidental charges. Methods of payment will be explained by the School Office. When this procedure is complete the child’s name will be entered on the Admission Register and the child may join his/her class.