Elementary School

Play Group To 5
The Elementary school program is designed to establish a firm foundation in the core curriculum of languages art, mathematics, social studies and science. Students are provided with opportunities to gain an understanding and appreciation of Pakistan and global issues.
The school strives to provide a program of active, child – centered learning based on progression from concrete to more abstract thinking. The elementary school seeks to create a climate to foster self-esteem by celebration the growth and development of each student. We provide opportunities for children to work and play independently and within groups. The program is enriched with thorough age appropriate exposure to subject such a physical education, library. Islamic, art and computer


Middle School

Class 6 to 8
The middle School offers a carefully planned curriculum including Math, Science, Social Studies, English, Physical Education, and Computer technology. The Programs in the Middle School provide regular contact between students and their teachers. The programs are designed to facilitate communication, give support to students in the decision making process, referring students to need support services

High School

Class 9 to 10
The High school helps students to prepare for further education in Pakistan and around the world. A strong academic program, centered on the traditional core disciplines, prepare the academically- inclined student for university entrance. However the school also offers courses and learning support services which address the needs of a student body diverse in educational background and ability. We believe in the dignity and worth of every student and that the learning process takes place both within and outside the classroom. Students are expected to learn and grow to develop their full potential. The staff and faculty are here to help you achieve and enjoy the total experience of school. We hope that Lexicon School system will be the window to the world that you will open wider as you mature and go through Class 9-10

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