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“To the glory of God and the dignity of all people.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide an American-model, high-quality education to an international community.

We develop lifelong learners with an international focus who use their social, thinking and problem-solving skills to contribute constructively to a changing global society.The Mission and purpose of Lexicon School System emerge from the spirit of the founding motto: “To the glory of God and the dignity of all people This spirit Joins the heritage of Muslim tradition with the continually relevant aims of liberal arts learning to from the mission and purpose of Lexicon school system: the liberation of people from ignorance, prejudice and parochialism; the preservation and perpetuation of the knowledge, skill and values appropriate for free men and women; and the preparation of students for useful lives in changing society in order to fulfill this mission. Lexicon school system cultivates and promotion experience, both in activity and thought, which will lead student to an out look on life of wholeness, and openness, an acceptance of life as a trust, a continuing lifestyle of critical affirmation and integrate and a sense of responsibility for themselves and other We believes that the purpose of education is to challenge all students to develop to their fullest intellectual social emotional and physical potential .Understanding that children learn and grow best within a caring and supportive framework, we undertake to provide the most enriching and stimulating education program possible Our aim to prepare student to integrate successfully and constructively as productive conscientious citizen in a rapidly changing world Education is viewed as a cooperative process to be shard by students and the community.

Therefore, a an institution of higher education Lexicon school System is committed to these purpose

1- To maintaining and promoting excellence in preparation, performance and attainment of vacation goal;

2- To Helping each student to continue toward the achievement of his/her potentiality and a personal lifestyle founded on integrity accountability,
self-respecting purpose and meaning

3- To enable each student to think, move and interact with freedom and meaning

4- To creating in each student an intellectual curiosity about the wholeness of knowledge and concern for the values judgments which critical
to wise decision making and creative life

5- Creating a challenging intellectual environment for exploring the art, humanities and science

6- Instill a commitment to physical well being through participation in games exercise and sports.

7- Encourage leadership cooperation an service as preparation for life in an increasingly interdependent world.

8- Engender an appreciation for the customs and attitudes of diverse cultures

9- Help students develop standards of mature and responsible behavior and the qualities of good judgment and sound decision making